Get to know more about Certopus
Certopus is a certificate management platform where you can design, bulk generate, bulk deliver and verify the smart certificates.
Certopus incorporates these features with which you can streamline your certificate issuance:
  • Tamper Resistant Certificates: Certopus generated certificates are tamper-resistant, and even minor tampering is easily detected, so you don't have to worry about certificate forgery.
  • Template Engine: We have a very quick and easy Certificate editor that allows you to create beautiful certificate designs. You can use our rich certificate library or your own templates.
  • Bulk Generation: You can generate high-quality certificates in pdf format in bulk on Certopus. You have to upload an excel spreadsheet with the recipient data and generate certificates in minimal time.
  • Mass Mailing: Certopus makes distributing certificates effortless. You get a mail editor to include your personalized email content, as well as the ability to schedule when your certificates should be delivered.