Top 10 webinar software platforms of 2022

Top 10 webinar software platforms of 2022

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Published July 10, 2022
Unnati Singh


Choosing the right webinar software is more crucial than ever before. Even from teaching students to selling and encouraging selling at scale, webinar software platforms profit individuals and businesses in multiple ways. Of course, the price of software, the features, and the ease of use must suit one's needs, and of course budget. Read on and discover the roundup of some of the best webinar platforms to help you decide which one will be suitable for you.
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What's the need for a webinar software platform?
When executed well, a webinar supplies a fascinating and informative platform for existing and even new customers that will deliver precious content to your main targeted audience. It's an excellent way to build up relationships and generally create awareness of your brand.
What Makes a Great Webinar Software?
Each person has a unique opinion on what the best webinar software is specifically for them. At the very least, the tool must help you generate and add attendees outside of your current audience to maximize your online event.
When it comes to the actual webinar, it should relate to the audience and make them feel part of the proceedings by giving them the way into engagement tools. And finally, users should have the capacity to analyze the performance of webinars using KPIs so they can know how to make their next webinars even better.

What Are the Best Webinar Software Platforms?

Here are our top choices for the best webinar software to try this year:
The Best Webinar Software Platforms
  1. Demio
  1. Livestorm
  1. Zoho Meeting
  1. Hopin
  1. EverWebinar
  1. BlueJeans
  1. ClickMeeting
  1. GoToWebinar
  1. Webinar Ninja
  1. Certopus

Demio 🔗

Free TrialPaidEditor’s Choice
Source: Demio Blog
Source: Demio Blog
Best overall webinar software. Demio offers a fantastic combination of marketing tools to increase lead generation together with no-download webinars for your audience.
It offers real-time, HD streaming video and a gorgeous platform in terms of visual appeal.
They have all the necessary video conferencing tools, including live and automated webinars, replays, registration landing pages, etc., and everything is tailored to reflect your brand.
  • It offers very smooth email integration and automation along with event reminders.
  • Unique waiting room experience.
  • It also brings extensive features of marketing and webinar tools to support lead generation.
  • Demio added cost for over 40+ live participants.
  • It doesn’t offer the service of a registration page which makes it difficult to determine the number of attendees present.
  • Demio simplifies launching a webinar better by continuing its core elements concerning other tools.

Livestorm 🔗

Free Tier Available
Source: Vonage
Source: Vonage
Livestorm is a great webinar platform that works wonders for selling and showing off products. Any browser can use their software, and there are no limitations on the length of your webinar. Any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, can access it.
You can run live, on-demand, or automated webinars using their service. For live events like product demonstrations, client training, and other technical sales topics, webinars are fantastic.
  • Livestorm's Freemium plan gives mutually active polls, chats, and any questions.
  • Offers detailed analytics of attendance.
  • It provides multi-language customer support.
  • It gives access to display in-webinar CTA.
  • Inconsistency to customer support access.
  • Reports of blurry and pixelated displays are standard.
  • Reminders of E-mail can’t be customized.
  • Even if you want to sell products to your main targeted audience or improve internal communications of the company using videos, Go for Livestorm as it has the tools you need.

Zoho Meeting 🔗

Free Tier AvailableEditor’s Choice
Source: Zoho Blogs
Source: Zoho Blogs
One of our all-time favorite webinar tools is Zoho Meeting. It is ideal for anyone looking for a platform that can be used for group web conferencing, one-on-one meetings, internal team meetings, and marketing webinars. Tens of thousands of clients all over the world rely on it since it is so easy to use.
  • Possibility to conduct polls, ask questions, broadcast messages, turn attendees into presenters, and let attendees "raise their hands" and talk during webinars.
  • Online recordings are available for you to download in MP4 format or share with your participants via a link.
  • Scalability to accommodate up to 250 individuals and 50 simultaneous live video feeds.
  • Meeting co-hosts can be added, data can be shared, and notes can be taken.
  • There could be more in-depth reporting.
  • UI-UX is a bit vintage compared to competitors.

Hopin 🔗

Free Tier AvailableEditor’s Choice
Source: Hopin
Source: Hopin
Another most popular and widely used webinar platform used by event organizers is Hopin. They have scaled the platform beyond just a webinar platform, and currently do offer solution for virtual events, hybrid events, in-person events and internal events.
  • Supports Collaborative Sessions/Roundtable Discussions.
  • Have a wide range of integrations to connect with other tools which can boost the elegance of your webinar.
  • Highly customizable appearance/ functionalities.
  • User friendly for attendees.
  • First time setting up event is a little bit challenging.
  • The pricing is a bit on a higher side compared to other webinar platforms.

EverWebinar 🔗

Source: EverWebinar
Source: EverWebinar
One of the most well-liked technologies on this list is EverWebinar, which bills itself as the "most powerful automated webinar platform." Although the parent company sells them independently or in a package, it is created with direct integration to WebinarJam.
The ability to keep users informed, fully automatic customer-activity based email connections, and quick setup for WebinarJam users—under three minutes—are some of its highlights. Additionally, it automatically records the webinars so that users can replay them to find possible prospects.
  • It's possible to fabricate the attendance total.
  • Instead of the standard chat that sends queries to your email, choose the "Ask a question" option.
  • The clever webinar bot that displays your offer when you want it.
  • The three varieties are live, hybrid (pre-recorded video with live chat), and automated webinars.
  • Strong statistical options.
  • A few users had difficulties with the mobile streaming service.
  • Tracking external traffic is not possible without 3rd party tools.

BlueJeans by Verizon 🔗

Source: BlueJeans
Source: BlueJeans
One of the four separate products offered by BlueJeans, a video conferencing solution, is BlueJeans Events. Large-scale international events can be held using this virtual event platform, including town halls, interactive events, and live feeds.
This production-grade platform offers distinctive content experiences including Q&As, immersive video, and live polling and can accommodate up to 50,000 guests.
Large audiences can share information and express ideas in a live, interactive forum offered by BlueJeans Events.
  • Simple to use and stylish
  • Quickly produce a webinar with a professional appearance
  • Salesforce integration is excellent
  • Polls, on-demand video, customizing a product, lobby music, etc.
  • Reports on current statistics on the online conferences you organize
  • Multi-session gatherings may be perplexing
  • Expensive
  • The setup and back-end processes are a little quirky, perplexing, and difficult.

ClickMeeting 🔗

Free TrialPaid
Source: ClickMeeting
Source: ClickMeeting
One of the most often used platforms for webinar software on this list is ClickMeeting, which features a striking and intuitive user interface.
ClickMeeting is one of the few geared towards instructors and teachers. The software also works for marketers looking to create product demos to help educate their leads and facilitate online meetings and collaboration with businesses.
  • Supports full audio and video recording of live sessions
  • Offers chat functionality and interactive sessions
  • Integration with Facebook Live and YouTube for added engagement.
  • System delays caused by a larger number of guests
  • The platform doesn’t support break-out sessions
  • Unable to schedule recurring meetings

GoToWebinar 🔗

Free TrialPaid
Source: GoToWebinar
Source: GoToWebinar
GoToWebinar has been there since the first webinars, created in 2006 as a branch of the well-known virtual meeting software GoToMeeting to support larger audiences. With more than 2.8 million webinars hosted annually, it is still one of the most popular solutions even though it may not be the finest webinar platform these days.
Many common features of cloud-based webinar platforms are available with GoToWebinar, including high definition video, automatic recording, live chat, polls and surveys, live Q&A, file sharing, pre-recorded events, automatic invitations and follow-up emails, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. You also get unrestricted cloud storage, Stripe payment processing, connections with key CRM and marketing tools like Zapier, and unlimited cloud storage.
  • Hosts automated webinars
  • Option to simultaneously host organizers and panelists
  • Capable of hosting webcasts
  • Costly compared to other alternatives
  • Requires presenters and participants to download specific software to be able to use the platform.

WebinarNinja 🔗

Free TrialPaid
Powerful, all-in-one solutions like WebinarNinja are relied upon by well-known companies like AppSumo, Podia, Printful, and others. With pre-built thank you and sign-up pages, they are regarded as one of the simplest platforms to use and enable you to launch a webinar in under a minute.
  • Hosts automated webinars
  • Option to simultaneously host organizers and panelists
  • Capable of hosting webcasts
  • The back-end is difficult to navigate for beginners
  • Doesn't offer a money-back guarantee
  • Maintenance is often carried out without ample advance notice

Certopus 🔗

Free TrialPaidEditor’s Choice
Source: Certopus
Source: Certopus
Certopus is one of the most efficient & affordable certificate issuance solutions for webinar organizers currently in the market.
Retaining webinar attendees and post-event marketing is a challenge for webinar organizers, which can be easily be done by awarding certificates to webinar attendees, speakers, volunteers which they can see as achievement or an event souvenir, it will motivate them as well as being easy to share, it has capability to garner millions of view which can act as a no-cost organic marketing.
Certopus enables you to create high-quality vectorized certificates in pdf format in bulk. By producing certificates in mass and delivering them in a short amount of time, you can boost the efficiency of your business.
Certopus has user-friendly solutions design, generate, deliver, and verify smart certificates. The certificates are lifelong verifiable, which protects you from financial as well as reputation losses.
With the capabilities built into Certopus, you may speed up certificate issuances.
  • Bulk certificate generation & mass mailing supported.
  • Certificate white-labelling is available.
  • Has an integration with LinkedIn which allows certificate recipients to directly add their certificate on their profile’s LinkedIn Certificates.
  • Certificates are lifelong verifiable and tamper-resistant. Anyone can differentiate between an authentic and a fake certificates in seconds.
  • Has a vast variety of certificate design templates in different sizes which makes your task to design certificates easy and hassle-free.
  • The team is working on API & Integrations which is not available yet but soon be available.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What is webinar software?
Webinar software is a tool for holding online meetings, seminars, lectures, and other one-to-many events. On a PC, webinar software can be downloaded and installed or streamed straight from the browser. Large audiences can access webinars thanks to webinar software.
What platform for webinars is the simplest?
If you are a novice to virtual meetings and have little to no technical skills, Zoho Meeting is the finest webinar hosting platform for you. It is a simple platform for webinars! 100 webinar attendees and 60 minutes sessions is available for free plan.
Does Google offer platforms for webinars?
Google Hangouts Webinar is a popular tool that allows businesses to sell and market their products via online seminars, also known as webinars. Customers will be able to participate in the meeting from the comfort of their own homes, just as if they were in a traditional meeting room.
Can webinars be held using Google Meet?
If your company currently uses Google Workspace, using Google Meet for online events like webinars is a no-brainer. The best method to keep organized while creating a webinar is to use Google Meet because it interacts with all of your current tools.
How to send certificates for webinar?
You can try out Certopus and see the results yourself, it will be helpful in saving time in generating and delivering certificates and also creating value by many branding options.
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