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Learn everything you need to know about Absorb LMS, a cloud-based online training platform that offers a user-friendly and flexible learning experience.

What is Absorb LMS?

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that helps you create, manage, and deliver engaging online training courses. It was founded in 2003 and has since grown to serve over 1,400 customers across various industries and sectors. Some of its notable clients include Airbnb, DHL, Sony, Spotify, Uber, and more.
Absorb LMS aims to provide a user-friendly and flexible online training platform that can adapt to your changing learning needs and goals. It offers powerful features and integrations to help you create personalized and interactive learning experiences for your learners. It also boasts a sleek and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for admins and learners to navigate and use the platform.
Absorb LMS is SCORM-compliant, meaning it can support any content that follows the SCORM standard for e-learning interoperability. This means you can import existing SCORM content from other sources or create your own SCORM content using Absorb’s built-in course authoring tool or third-party tools.

Courses And Types Of Learning Scenarios

Absorb LMS is a platform that helps you with your compliance training and data security needs. It has features like WCAG 2.0 compliance, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, and GDPR compliance to ensure accessibility and privacy for both learners and administrators. It also uses AWS servers worldwide to support your international training operations.
If you want to build a learning culture and achieve reliable results, Absorb LMS can be a great choice. You can join a growing community of users who benefit from this tool.
Three types of courses in Absorb LMS:
Imported Courses: If you have existing third-party eLearning courses in formats like SCORM, Tin Can, or AICC, Absorb's got you covered. Importing these courses is a breeze. You can easily add new online courses or integrate learning objects into existing ones.
Courses Created in Absorb LMS: Whether you want to build LMS courses from scratch or refine your existing materials, Absorb LMS empowers you to create engaging learning experiences. You can use a variety of formats, from audiovisual lectures to microlearning courses, interactive learning components (ILCs), simulations, and more.
Content Libraries: Absorb LMS gives you access to libraries like BIZLIBRARY, Skillsoft, and LinkedIn Learning. These libraries offer various carefully curated courses led by industry experts. You can search this extensive collection and leverage proven content. This allows you to focus on creating training materials specific to your business needs.

Features of Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS offers many features that can enhance your learning experience and help your organization succeed. Some of the features:
  1. Multiple Learner Interfaces: With Absorb LMS, you can make your learning portal look and feel exactly how you want it to. Whether it's matching your brand's colors and style or tailoring it for different groups like employees, customers, or partners, you're in control. This means a personalized and engaging experience for everyone involved.
  1. Custom Learning Paths: Imagine being able to create unique learning journeys for each of your learners. Absorb LMS lets you do just that. You can design learning paths that suit their roles, goals, and preferences. You can even set prerequisites, deadlines, and completion requirements, ensuring that each learner progresses at their own comfortable pace.
  1. Reporting and Analytics: Knowledge is power, and you're in the driver's seat with Absorb LMS's reporting and analytics tools. You can easily keep tabs on how effective your learning programs are. The platform lets you generate custom reports, dashboards, and charts to visualize your data. This means you can gain valuable insights into how your learners behave, engage, and perform.
  1. Integrated eCommerce Component: If you're looking to sell your online courses and training programs, Absorb LMS has got you covered. It comes with a built-in eCommerce module. You can set up your online store, accept payments through over 13 payment gateways, offer discounts, and even manage subscriptions and invoices. It's like having your digital storefront for learning.
  1. Third-party Integrations: Absorb LMS plays well with others. You can expand its capabilities by connecting it with various third-party apps and services. Whether it's tapping into content libraries, web services, or other handy apps, you can integrate them seamlessly. Plus, if you have your systems and platforms, Absorb LMS's API lets you connect the dots, harmonizing everything together.

Absorb LMS Advantages

Absorb LMS offers standout advantages for those seeking a complete learning management solution. Here's why it's a great choice:
Tailored Learning Experiences: With Absorb LMS, you get the power of personalized learning paths. Think of it like having a custom roadmap for each learner. You can tweak dashboards to match individual needs, which not only keeps learners engaged but also helps them learn at their own pace.
Fosters Collaboration: Learning doesn't have to be a solitary journey. Absorb LMS promotes collaborative learning through its social learning platform. Learners can interact, share insights, and work together, creating a richer and more effective learning experience.
Global Accessibility: In our interconnected world, reaching learners everywhere is essential. Absorb LMS does just that with its multi-language support. It ensures that users from around the globe can navigate the system efficiently and access the knowledge they need.

Absorb LMS Disadvantages

Despite its many advantages, Absorb LMS does come with a couple of challenges that users have noted:
Initial Setup: Starting with Absorb LMS can be a puzzle for some users. The initial setup process has been described as complex and time-consuming. Users must invest more time and effort upfront to keep things running smoothly.
Advanced Features: While Absorb LMS offers a wide range of powerful features, beginners might find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Navigating and harnessing the full potential of the system can be daunting. This could require additional training and resources to maximize the platform's offerings.
You can only assign courses to a department as a whole or a specific sub-department; you cannot exclude.
Limited possibilities for assessment in terms of response types. It takes a little while to get used to the reporting structure.

Absorb LMS Pricing

Absorb LMS offers a flexible pricing structure for various organizations and learners.
Factors Affecting Pricing: The cost of Absorb LMS depends on several factors. These include the number of learners you have, whether they are internal or external, whether you need course authoring capabilities and the specific features and integrations you desire.
Pricing Models: Absorb LMS provides pricing models that can be customized to match your unique requirements. They offer options such as user count or usage-based licensing, allowing you to tailor the pricing to your organization's goals.
Starting Price: Absorb LMS pricing starts at $14,500 annually, with additional costs based on the number of active users. For example, if you have a small business with 50 active users per month, you'd pay $16 per user, totaling $800. There's also a one-time setup fee of $3,200.
Free Trial: Unfortunately, Absorb LMS does not offer a free trial. However, they do provide a free demo upon request. This allows you to explore the platform and its capabilities before committing.
Inclusions: When you invest in Absorb LMS, you get a comprehensive package. This includes a dedicated onboarding specialist to help you get started, 24/7 global support for assistance whenever needed, portal configuration and branding to make it your own, unlimited storage, and full administrator training.

Absorb LMS Alternatives:

Some of the alternatives of Absorb LMS are:
PlayAblo: To generate social learning experiences, PlayAblo, a corporate learning management system, leverages gamification. PlayAblo's gamified learning platform enables businesses to train, retain, and re-engage staff members at all levels through data-driven analytics and compelling content. PlayAblo maximizes learning results while focusing on gamification and microlearning to assist businesses in being more innovative, productive, and collaborative.
Starting Price: $0.44 per month
Free Trial: Available
Free Version: Not Available
eFront: The enterprise learning management system (LMS), eFront, was created to provide expanding and successful businesses with unlimited learning. Training scenarios can be met with cutting-edge features, rigorous security measures, and comprehensive customization capabilities.
eFront gives you total control over your training environment and data because it is built to be the most versatile LMS in the business. It works as a pliable infrastructure with the resiliency to serve even the most complex company, seamlessly integrating with your tech stack.
Starting Price: Business Plan: $1000 per month for up to 1000 users Enterprise Plan: $1500 per month for up to 2500 users Large Enterprise Plan: $2500 per month for up to 5000 users Tailored Plan: Custom price for over 5000 users
Free Trial: Available
Free Version: Not Available
TalentCards: TalentCards, is the mobile learning app that puts training in the palm of your people’s hands, no matter where they are in the world. Unlike conventional LMSs and training software, TalentCards is made for mobile, frontline, and deskless workers—individuals whose occupations require them to be constantly on the go.
Create microlearning courses with TalentCards that are intended to significantly impact learners quickly.
Starting Price: Free: $0 Standard: $50/month, $40 per month (billed annually) Premium: $75/month, $60 per month (billed annually) For plans with more than 2,000 users, contact TalentCards for a custom quote.
Free Trial: Available
Free Version: Available
TalentLMS: TalentLMS is a learning management system that helps you achieve your training goals. It is customizable, easy to use, and suitable for any team and company. With TalentLMS, you can create engaging and effective training programs that your learners will love.
TalentLMS supports you every step of the way with expert guidance and support. Whether you want to train your employees, customers, or partners, TalentLMS has the right solution.
Starting Price: Free Plan - $0/month: Up to 5 users, Up to 10 courses, Unlimited email support
Starter Plan - $69/month: Up to 40 users, Unlimited courses, Unlimited email support
Basic Plan - $149/month: Up to 100 users, Unlimited courses, Unlimited email support, Single Sign-On support, 1 Branch, Custom domain + SSL
Plus Plan - $279/month: Up to 500 users, Unlimited courses, Unlimited email support, Single Sign-On support, Custom reports
Premium Plan - $459/month: Up to 1000 users, Unlimited courses, Priority email support, Live chat support, Single Sign-On support, Custom reports, Automation, Success Manager, Custom domain + SSL
Free Trial: Available
Free Version: Available


Absorb LMS is a versatile cloud-based learning management system offering customizable learning experiences, collaboration tools, and global accessibility. It has a flexible pricing model but may pose initial setup challenges and a learning curve for advanced features. It's a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking tailored online training solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Is Absorb LMS cloud-based?
Yes, Absorb LMS is a cloud-based platform, which means it is hosted on remote servers, allowing users to access it over the internet without the need for on-premises hardware or software installation.
Can I integrate Absorb LMS with other software systems we use, such as HR software or CRM systems?
Absorb LMS provides integration options with various third-party software systems, including HR software, CRM systems, and more, to streamline data sharing and enhance functionality.

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