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Digital credentials are the future of learning and recognition. They are verifiable, shareable, and portable badges representing your skills, competencies, and achievements. But with so many digital credentials platforms available in 2024, how do you choose the best one for your needs?
                                   Certifier Logo
Certifier Logo
One of the most popular and widely used digital credentials platforms is Certifier. Certifier is a digital credentials platform founded in 2018 and has grown to serve over 10,000 customers worldwide. Certifier allows you to create, issue, manage, and verify digital credentials using a web-based interface or an API. Certifier supports the Open Badges standard, meaning your credentials are interoperable and can be displayed on various platforms and social media.
But is Certifier really the best option for you? This article will take you through the top 5 Certifier alternatives in 2024. By the end, you'll have the knowledge to make an informed decision and choose the best digital credentials platform for your career growth.

Cons of Certifier

Certifier may seem like a good choice for digital credentialing, but it has some major drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are some of the cons of Certifier:
1. Lack of native integrations:
Certifier doesn't seamlessly integrate with other popular software tools and platforms, potentially hindering workflows and requiring manual data transfer.
  • Impact: Users might need extra time and effort switching between systems and manually updating information, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.
2. Unjustifiable pricing:
The cost of using Certifier is perceived as high, especially when considering features that are either lacking or require additional paid add-ons.
  • Impact: Users may feel they aren't getting good value for their money, especially compared to competitors with more comprehensive features or affordable pricing structures.
3. Essential features like organization verification are extra monthly add-ons:
Basic features considered essential for credibility and trust, such as organization verification, are not included in the base price and require additional monthly fees.
  • Impact: Users may incur unexpected costs or have to forgo important features if they don't want to pay extra, potentially affecting the perceived legitimacy of their certifications.
4. Non-compliance with Open Badges & W3C Verifiable Credentials standards:
Certifier doesn't adhere to recognized industry standards for digital credentials, limiting interoperability and potential recognition across different platforms and systems.
  • Impact: Users might face challenges sharing and verifying their certifications across different platforms and communities, hindering their portability and potential impact.
5. Lack of essential features like Pathways:
Certifier lacks features that allow for structured learning and development pathways, potentially limiting its usefulness for organizations that want to create comprehensive training and certification programs.
  • Impact: Users might not be able to effectively design and implement comprehensive learning journeys for their learners, affecting engagement and skill development.

Alternatives of Certifier

Some of the Alternatives of Certifier:
  1. Give My Certificate: It is a platform that allows companies to establish, generate, and deliver authentic credentials and degrees that the intended recipient or any interested third party can quickly and easily verify.
                             Give My Certificate Logo
Give My Certificate Logo
  • Personal account manager for premium subscriptions
  • The versatility and ease of use of certificates
  • Features for badges are not offered.
  • Restricted possibilities for customizing the template
  • Reported problems with the functionality and speed of the platform
Basic Plan: $18 / monthly - 300 Certificates
Startup Plan: $59 / monthly - 1000 Certificates
Startup Growth Plan: $115 / monthly - 2000 Certificates
  1. Credly: The New York-based company Credly provides tools to deliver and track employee or trainee certification and certifying processes for its employee or specialist digital credentialing (also known as "digital badge") program.
             Credly logo
Credly logo
  • Numerous analytics are accessible
  • Making badges is simple
  • High cost
  • Lack of transparency
  • Limited customization
  • Complex onboarding
  • Annual fee for 500 badges: $2,500
  • Annual fee for 1,000 badges: $4,500
  • Annual fee for 2,500 badges: $7,500
  • Annual fee for 5,000 badges: $10,000
  • Annual fee for 10,000 badges: $20,000
  1. TRUE Originals: True Originals is a company that provides secure digital document certificates using blockchain technology.
                            TRUE Originals Logo
TRUE Originals Logo
  • Enhanced Security
  • Provable Ownership
  • Technology Adoption
  • User Education
  • Potential for Errors
  1. CredSure: CredSure is a feature-rich certification platform that works with current processes.
                    CredSure logo
CredSure logo
  • Real-time graphics for credential analytics and management
  • Support in multiple languages
  • Templates for certificates and badges are not available.
  • It can be tough to navigate and get started.
  • Start: €920/year - 100 credits
  • Grow: Custom
  • Boost: Custom
  1. Certopus: Certopus is a digital credentials platform that helps you create and manage certificates and badges for your courses, programs, training, and communities. Certopus lets you design your credentials using a template engine, issue them in bulk, send them via email, and get valuable data insights from them.
             Certopus logo
Certopus logo
  • Low cost
  • Full transparency
  • Unlimited customization
  • Easy onboarding
  • Excellent customer support
Certopus has no cons because it lets you design, generate, deliver, and track secure, customizable, and verifiable digital certificates and badges. Whether you want to recognize academic or professional achievements, Certopus has you covered.
  • Certopus Basic Annual - 3,000 Digital Credentials - $14.99
  • Certopus Standard Annual - 15,000 Digital Credentials - $39.99
  • Certopus Professional Annual - 30,000 White labeled Digital Credentials - $74.99

Comparison Table

Free Trial
Starts from $14.99
Starts from $67
Starts from $18
Starts from $2,500
Starts from €920
API and Integration
Template Library
Customizable Credentials
Social Media Sharing
Premium Branding and White labeling
Included in the professional plan
Included in white label plan
In custom plan

Certopus: How it outperforms Certifier in every aspect

Certopus is a new and innovative digital credential platform that offers more value, flexibility, and security for your credentials. It has many benefits make it a superior choice for your digital credentials needs. Here are some of the main advantages of using Certopus:

Low Cost

                      Low Cost
Low Cost
Certopus's affordability is one of its main advantages. Certopus is the most reasonably priced digital credentials solution, even with many more features and restrictions. This implies that Certopus can be affordably used by any kind of user who wants to design and distribute digital badges, be it an individual, small company, NGO, or educational institution. It also implies that a lengthy contract with Certopus does not bind you because you can stop using the service at any time.

Easy onboarding

                               Easy onboarding
Easy onboarding
Certopus also has the advantage of simple onboarding. Certopus lets you register and use their platform immediately. While it's not required, getting in touch and requesting a sample or a quote beforehand is a good idea. You may also build up your account, make badges, import recipients, integrate your systems, and test your workflows quickly and easily. This process may take many minutes or even hours before you can begin giving out badges to your recipients. This can be gratifying and inspiring for you and your receivers, who can benefit from digital badges sooner.


Certopus makes your credentials more secure and valuable with cutting-edge technology and features. Unlike legacy Bitcoin blockchain solutions, Certopus uses advanced-to-blockchain verification to make your credentials tamper-proof and verifiable. Certopus offers file-based verification, the most robust system to detect even minute pixel-level forgery in your credentials. With Certopus, you can rest assured that your digital credentials are safe and authentic. You get a feature to issue digital credentials, which your recipients can claim as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with Certopus.

Outstanding Client Assistance

            Client Assistance
Client Assistance
Certopus also offers great customer service as a perk. Regardless of subscription level, Certopus offers live chat help to all its users. Anytime you contact us, we'll respond to your inquiries or concerns promptly and in a friendly. This indicates that you can depend on Certopus for any support or advice you need with your digital credentials and that we genuinely care about your success and happiness.


In the evolving landscape of digital credentialing, Certifier has its merits but is not without flaws. The alternatives presented here offer diverse features to suit various needs. However, Certopus stands out as a superior choice. With its low cost, easy onboarding, advanced verifiability through blockchain, and outstanding customer support, Certopus provides a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient digital credential platform. Consider Certopus for a seamless experience in designing, distributing, and verifying digital badges, ensuring the security and value of your credentials.

Frequently Asked Question

What are digital credentials, and why are they important?
Digital credentials are digital certifications or documents issued by a party to demonstrate someone's qualification, claim, or achievement. Verifiable digital credentials are both fraud-proof and instantly verifiable for authenticity.
How does Certopus ensure the security and authenticity of digital credentials?
Certopus uses advanced blockchain verification, making credentials tamper-proof and verifiable. It employs file-based verification, a robust system detecting even minute forgery, and allows issuing credentials as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for added security.
Does Certifier offer a free trial option?
Yes, Certifier offers a free trial option.

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