How to Issue Digital Badges for Canvas LMS Courses: A Complete Guide

Learn to issue customizable digital badges in Canvas LMS with Certopus and explore the integration of Canvas Badges and Canvas Credentials.


                      Issuing Digital Badge with Certopus
Issuing Digital Badge with Certopus
Canvas LMS is a popular learning management system that allows educators and learners to create, manage, and deliver online courses. Canvas LMS is used by schools, colleges, universities, and businesses around the world to provide engaging and effective e-learning experiences. One of the features that Canvas LMS offers is the ability to issue digital badges to learners who complete specific tasks, modules, or courses.
Digital badges are a form of digital credentials that can be displayed on social media, websites, resumes, or portfolios to showcase one’s skills and achievements. Digital badges can motivate learners to pursue their learning goals and track their progress.

Explaining the Integration of Badgr with Canvas LMS

                                                     Integration of Badgr with Canvas LMS
Integration of Badgr with Canvas LMS
Badgr is a digital credentialing platform that allows learners to exhibit their abilities and achievements through verifiable badges. Concentric Sky, a software development business specialising in education technology, launched Badgr. Instructure, the creator of Canvas LMS, acquired Concentric Sky in April 2022 and integrated Badgr into the Instructure Learning Platform.
Instructure's integration of Badgr with Canvas LMS is a deliberate effort to strengthen its learning platform and enable lifelong learning. Badgr will now be rebranded as "Canvas Badges" and offer more advanced features as a subscription service called "Canvas Credentials" as part of the Instructure Learning Platform.
Canvas Badges will allow schools and institutions to award badges corresponding to learning goals, competencies, and standards. In addition, Canvas Badges will give analytics and reporting on badge issuance and usage. Canvas Credentials will help non-traditional learning channels, including certificates, boot camps, and prior learning assessments.
Both learners and educators will benefit from Badgr's connection with Canvas LMS. It will give a reliable and comprehensive digital record of their learning journey for use in career growth and lifetime learning for learners. It will give educators a flexible and innovative means to design, deliver, and analyze relevant, engaging, and individualized learning experiences.

The Limitations of Basic Badge Generation

                                              Basic Badge
Basic Badge
Some of the limitations of basic badge generation in Canvas LMS are
  • Issuers cannot readily examine or distribute the data pertaining to their badge awards because it does not permit the export of badge award data in CSV format.
  • This restricts issuers' ability to customize and brand their certificates because there is only one template option for certificate format and design.
  • It does not support organization space, meaning issuers cannot create and manage multiple issuers under one account or collaborate with other staff members.
  • The Canvas Credentials routes feature, which enables issuers to construct and show learning routes made up of numerous badges and courses, is absent.
  • It lacks QR and claim codes, which are helpful for offline badge verification and display in print materials.
  • Issuers cannot alter the language, link job postings from Emsi or Indeed, or control group membership for their badges.
  • The lack of advanced analytics implies that badge issuers cannot monitor the impact and reach of their badges, including the number of individuals who view, earn, or share them.

How to create and send digital badges with Canvas using Certopus

You can integrate Certopus with Canvas LMS to automate the credentials issuance process for your courses and program. To integrate Certopus with Canvas LMS, follow these steps:
  1. Sign up for Certopus from
  1. Login into your Canvas LMS account and open your course, then go to Settings>Apps>View App Configurations>Add App.
  1. Select the Configuration Type drop-down menu and set the configuration type to by URL
  1. Enter the App's name (i.e. Certopus) in the Name Field.
  1. Enter the consumer key and shared secret you copied from Certopus in the Consumer Key and Shared Secret Fields.
  1. Enter the URL of the hosted XML file for Certopus in the Config URL, The URL is
  1. Click Submit to install the App.
  1. Go to modules in your course navigation menu and click the Add to Module button
  1. Enter the name of your module (i.e. Badge), select prerequisites and click Add Module
  1. Click the Add icon on the right side of the drop module and select External Tool from the drop-down menu.
  1. Select Certopus from the list of external tools and click Add Item.
  1. Map the event and recipient category of Certopus with your Canvas LMS course and save it.
  1. Make sure you publish the module.
If you need any help with it, you can refer to or contact us via live chat on Certopus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of integrating Certopus with Canvas LMS for badge issuance?
Integrating Certopus streamlines the awarding and managing of digital badges in Canvas LMS. It helps automate the credential issuance process and can provide a more user-friendly experience for both educators and learners.
Can I customize the design and appearance of the digital badges issued through Certopus in Canvas LMS?
Yes, you can customize the design and appearance of the digital badges issued through Certopus in Canvas LMS. Certopus allows you to customize your badges with your own branding and design. You can upload your logo and choose from different shapes, colours and fonts to create a unique and professional badge. You can also preview your badge before issuing it to your recipients.
What is the difference between Canvas Badges and Canvas Credentials?
Canvas Badges and Canvas Credentials are digital badging platforms that can be integrated with Canvas LMS. The main difference is that Canvas Credentials offer more features and customization options than Canvas Badges, such as pathways, analytics, certificates, and groups

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