Certificate Marketing: How Certification Programs Can Boost Your Business

Certificate Marketing: How Certification Programs Can Boost Your Business

Digital Certificates
Published September 11, 2022
Unnati Singh


A certificate assists students further to develop their knowledge, experience and skills in a specific specialized area. With a certificate, you can easily demonstrate that you have a certain knowledge, skills and competences, and can prove that you meet the requirements or set of standards. Certifications reveal to your coworkers and higher ups and considerable authorities that you're committed to the job, possessing required skills and are eagerly willing to keep on learning to stay on top of the game. Participants can use their certificates as proof of their knowledge, willingness to develop and improve their skills. Certificates can even be beneficial for the organization issuing it. Certificates are also an essential part of an event marketing strategy for educational products. How? Read along.
Introduction to marketing
Introduction to marketing
Events can occur either online or offline. Companies issue certificates in both online and offline mode, using which companies build their brand, create leads, or make active sales even. Wondering how exactly a certificate helps you to achieve benefits in event marketing and how you can leverage this? Then this blog article is for you.
But how can we forget about mentioning COVID-19 pandemic when talking about events, which changed the way the world looks and the way we live. But have you imagined event marketing in an online mode? Never. Here we will show you how you can take advantage of your usual Certificate. What's more? it's a highly effective marketing channel.

Competition in the marketing environment

Deep dive into Competitive landscape of Digital Marketing
Deep dive into Competitive landscape of Digital Marketing
Consequently, event organizers are involved practically with the whole world. And companies decide to invest in event marketing, increasing the competition at the same time. And, increasing competition means that event organizers must look for additional ways to attract potential attendees. One of the ways Event Marketers use to attract attendees is by issuing certificates. Issuing certificates is beneficial for both attendants and the organization. The logo and name on each certificate represent a company and their brand. It can be called a possible way to promote one's company.
An argument is that it simply works and brings good results and benefits. 80.2% of event organizers have been able to reach a wider audience with the help of generating certificates. [source: Bizzabo]
A way to differentiate events and add value to them is to offer event attendees certificates to prove their participation in the training, webinar, or conference and for companies to increase their sales and promote their business. This is a simple, efficient and effective solution that probably can bring a lot of benefits to both attendees and companies.
At Certopus, providing certificates for events, webinars and universities, have seen a lot of businesses and companies that are occupied in events and business as a part of their marketing, and the changes are clearly visible.

Benefits of using certificates in event marketing

Certificates as marketing tool
Certificates as marketing tool
This is the time when we can move on to the benefits that certificates bring to event organizers. Each certificate that is issued with a company logo and name on it can have a potential form of promotion of your brand or the events you organize. Still asking How? Here is a few examples and ideas-
  1. Brand- building support system
    1. Generating and issuing certificates brings many benefits. A properly designed certificate that gets into the right hands will support your brand-building efforts, can help you increase employee motivation and satisfaction, improve the sales performance of your e-learning products, and strengthen other marketing and sales objectives. Listing all the benefits of issuing certificates might take quite a long time.
  1. Increased Participation
    1. Creating certificates after a training session, webinar, conference or any event is very beneficial for a company, though many companies organizing events surprisingly forget about this significant element of event marketing, which can have a really big impact on the perception of the event by the participants, and thus - on the results of the entire project. Producers use their certificate to give themselves a competitive edge.
  1. Motivating and Inspiring for Employees
    1. The people who receive the certificates after attending the event may be willing to share them with others and let others know that they are skilled and ambitious professionals, promoting your brand and events of your company at the same time along with supporting the search and recruitment processes for new employees. You can do it in an efficient way if you choose the right tool to issue certificates. One of the suggested Certificate Generators is Certopus.

      Issuing Certificates - Most affordable form of Event Marketing

      Certificates might work as some sort of evidence that an organization is authorized to promote its products or services and proves that the company or person who offers it shows that they really know the use and are trustworthy. Additionally, partner certification increases brand awareness among prospects. Along with that, it is a very cheap form of promotion and a way to form relations with the attendees after the event, affordable than brand promotion after spending a huge amount of money.
      Above logos are trademarks of Google
      Above logos are trademarks of Google
      The most well-known software development companies in the world, uses certificates in appropriate way, companies such as-
      • Shopify
      • Google
      • Adobe
      • Salesforce
      • HubSpot

      Certificates as a Marketing tool

      Let’s say that you issue 1000 certificates and 50% of the recipients gets overwhelmed by their achievement and shares it on LinkedIn or any other social media, on average let’s say a post gets around 1000 impressions and there are 500 such posts which sums to 500k impressions and as per the LinkedIn Ad Benchmarks 2022, The CPM average on LinkedIn: $33.80 per 1000 impressions. So you get marketing value of $33.80 * 500 = $16900 for free and that too in highly organic way and even better conversion rates as most of impression comes from the peers of the one who posted the certificate and they are more likely to get converted.
      Certificates put on much value to your affiliate program and make your partners look even more credible to customers. Companies can also use certificates as a marketing tool. Certificates work as a mediator between the company and its clients and will be an important element in customer building loyalty. However, there are more uses of certificates in event marketing.
      Various types of certifications or badges, especially those that are readily available, are an important part of building brand awareness and increasing the organic reach of almost any brand.
      In the case of gaming certificates, users compete to get certification by meeting specific conditions. The social media giant introduced badges for users in groups that are visible to group members only. Those who use it more or have been more active than others since the day first of joining the group receive badges right next to their name. Example- Facebook and Instagram.

      Ideas of Using Certificates as Event Marketing

      Various types of certificates and badges are also a great way to motivate employees and improve their engagement. Incentive systems that reward employees who achieve the best results are the most helpful, resourceful, or committed members of the team can be supplemented by personalized certificates issued every month, quarter, or year.
      Certificates can be attached to social media profiles of employees, working as a motivation for the rest of the team members and significantly attracting new talent to the company.
      Companies should treat certificates as a very essential element of their marketing and sales activities, especially Event Marketing.
      Using certificates should be one of the cornerstones of event marketing because every certificate is a potential advertising material of a learning tool or course. The more attractive the certificates you generate are, the more likely the certificate receiver will be willing to share it on socials.  Also, it provides cheap and free reach for your product or service and builds a good image of your company / brand between customers.
      The only need that remains now is a certificate creation software that can create, verify and design certificates and that promotes sharing of certificates / digital credentials.
      Source: Certopus
      Source: Certopus
      Certopus is the best option indeed. Your certificates will seem quite professional thanks to Certopus, which enables you to create high-quality vectorized certificates in pdf format. By producing certificates in mass and delivering them in a short amount of time, you can boost the efficiency of your business. On the Certopus SaaS platform for certificate management, you can design, generate, deliver, and verify smart certificates in bulk. Take a test yourself-  https://app.certopus.com/


      Generating, issuing and Delivering conference certificates brings a lot of benefits for both those who receive certificates and the one issues them.
      Companies in various industries create and issue certificates so that other organizations or individuals can get proof of their skills and turn it into further business or professional success. If you want to join them and add another building block in the form of certificates to your marketing strategy,
      That’s why you need to choose a reliable certificate maker, like Certopus. You can test this advice for free or create a paid account as well. Certopus has all these features, so you can be sure that it will streamline your workflow tremendously, specifically when you have a large number of bulky certificates to send. You don't have to send them one by one and waste your time - do it in just one single click!

      Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

      How does a certificate help in Event Marketing?
      The people who receive the certificates after attending the event may be willing to share them with others and let others know that they are skilled and ambitious professionals, promoting your brand and events of your company at the same time.
      What are the benefits of using certificates in Event Marketing?
      A certificate can help you to promote your brand and events of your company. It can help you increase employee motivation and satisfaction, improve the sales performance of your e-learning products, and strengthen other marketing and sales objectives. Digital credentials help businesses secure their transaction with the recipient. Digital certificates that can be shared across all the platforms gain online visibility encouraging engagement with the brand.
      How can Certopus help to issue different kinds of certificates?
      Certopus is a certificate creation software that can create, verify and design certificates. Certopus helps you build the whole process of creating certificates, starting from design, through personalization and mailing. Along with that, choosing Certopus to create certificates, you can do it in just a few minutes, in a fully automated way.

      Do you want to find out more?

      Schedule a demo to learn more about Certopus for business, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We would be delighted to assist you. Finally, if you're on social media, follow us to remain informed about our latest developments and to learn more about digital certificates.
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