Top 8 Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Top 8 Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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Published July 28, 2022
Priyansha Singh


A learning management system (LMS) is a piece of software or web-based technology that is used to organize, carry out, and evaluate a particular learning activity. It is used for eLearning procedures and, in its most basic configuration, consists of two components: a server that handles the essential functions and a user interface that is controlled by teachers, learners, and administrators.
Every stage requires guidance for your staff. They must comprehend your company's policies and practices as new hires. You'll want them to pick up new skills as they advance in their position. Your company's guiding principles will also change as it develops, and all of your employees must be made aware of these changes.
For each of the stages, a solution is provided by learning management systems. You can use them to make online courses with in-depth material, evaluate employee success using a variety of assessment methods, and monitor employee development over the duration of the courses.
We've chosen the top eight LMS systems after evaluating approximately 25 different ones. Find out which one will benefit you and your staff the most by reading on
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What Describes a Great LMS?
Learning management systems aren't just employed by businesses to teach staff. LMS software is used by traditional and online high schools and universities to handle student data, deliver exams, and host content. But for this article, we've solely taken into account apps that assist companies in providing their staff with training.
The LMS software solutions discussed in this article satisfy a number of crucial requirements, including:
  • A simple method for adding personnel to the training platform
  • Tools for creating simple courses without technical knowledge
  • The capacity to incorporate pictures and videos into the course materials
  • The capacity to produce evaluations
  • The capacity to give employees access to particular courses
  • Tools for generating employee certificates
  • Tools for analytics and reporting on employee progress
Where is LMS employed?
You will discover one or more connections between LMS and the particular industry you are looking for. Anyone who uses online learning employs an LMS.
What is the cost of the LMS?
Typically, most sites charge between US$1 and US$10 per student, per course.

Advantages of LMS

  • The learning process is made more efficient with the aid of learning management systems, which frees up the teachers' time to devote more attention to the development of each student.
  • Since everything is now digital, purchasing notebooks, copies, etc. is greatly reduced.
  • It promotes mobility by allowing the user the ability to learn from any location.
  • With the advent of video tutorials, clips, gamification, and other digital innovations, learning has become more engaging.
  • With LMS, management is simple and efficient, and access to information is rapid and precise.

Disadvantages of LMS

Although LMS has a number of benefits, it also has certain drawbacks.
  • The major disadvantage of online learning is that many tasks that must be carried out physically cannot be completed.
  • • Since there is no need for a meeting in order to learn, the influence of face-to-face interaction is diminished.
  • As a result, the user may only be able to look through the LMS and miss out on a lot of chances as the tunnel effect of learning rises.
  • Some kids require encouragement and incentive to learn, which will go unmet, leading to credibility concerns.

What Are the Best Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

The top learning management systems are listed here along with all the necessary information. You can then use this comprehensive list to decide which LMS best suits your needs.
The Best Learning Management Systems
  1. SkyPrep LMS
  1. ProProfs LMS
  1. iSpring Learn
  1. TalentLMS
  1. Moodle
  1. Litmos
  1. Edmodo
  1. MasterStudy WordPress LMS

SkyPrep LMS 🔗

Free TrialPaidEditor’s Choice
Source: SkyPrep
Source: SkyPrep
The best option for small to large businesses searching for a simple way to train staff, clients, or partners.
Experts in the field have praised the award-winning learning management system SkyPrep for its user-friendliness and first-rate customer service. You can easily deliver, monitor, and track your training thanks to the cloud-based solution.
You may quickly and easily develop online learning programs with SkyPrep's user-friendly platform. With only a few clicks of a button, create courses and reports to monitor learner progress. Use game-based learning to improve the learning process and make training more fun and interesting for your staff.
  • Able to produce courses and an infinite amount of training materials with real-time reporting.
  • Provides the flexibility to adapt the course to the needs of the consumer and improves course dissemination.
  • Follow and evaluate student development and course performance.
  • Enables those who work in learning and development to sell courses online.
  • Customize your platform with white-labeling features, including custom automated emails and custom colors and logos.
  • Provides a fantastic resource center, user tracking, and management approach for improving each person.
  • It has strong integrations and is completely secure. For improved communication, it also supports several language interfaces.
  • Multi-audience training using sub-platform hierarchies
  • Although SkyPrep contains a course authoring tool, it only has a few features.
  • No new videos can be substituted for existing ones in the resource center.
  • You must upload the new video after deleting the old one.

ProProfs LMS 🔗

Free TrialPaidEditor’s Choice
Source: ProProfs
Source: ProProfs
It has garnered good reviews from small to large businesses for a simple way to train staff, clients, or partners.
The easiest cloud LMS in the world, ProProfs LMS can be used to roll out business training programs like compliance, HR, and sexual harassment training. The platform is simple, lightweight, and intuitive, and it may assist you in setting up online staff training quickly.
People with diverse levels of experience can use it, and it offers pre- and post-training support. A quiz-making tool, surveys, collaborative tools, and sophisticated reporting are all part of its software solution portfolio for workplace training.
  • A premium library of more than 100 pre-made courses and themes is available through ProProfs LMS. With branding, these resources are easily adaptable.
  • You can manage learner groups, group administrators, course assignments, and tracking all in one location with a centralized and secure virtual classroom.
  • Peer-to-peer social learning and knowledge exchange are made possible by the Q&A community.
  • Quizzes that are skillfully created for assessment keep students interested and aid in assessing knowledge retention.
  • Additionally, the LMS offers reporting and analytics tools that enable you to gather information on student enrollment, course completion rates, engagement levels, and knowledge gaps.
  • Only plans with premium features or higher are eligible for all benefits.

iSpring Learn 🔗

Free TrialPaid
iSpring Learn is a very quick and simple LMS that has all necessary LMS capabilities at a low cost. Users of the platform can start training programs for a range of objectives, including certification, onboarding, product training, sales training, channel training, and more.
iSpring is a rapidly expanding corporate training platform that gives your competitive expertise one more boost. Delivery of best practices can be automated and managed by users.
Learning extends outside of the classroom with iSpring, allowing students to study from any location using any device. For increased efficiency, it keeps track of who is studying and who is not.
  • With the ability to adapt the path's structure to a learner's needs, iSpring Learn delivers a structured learning path for every user.
  • It offers infinite storage space, SCORM compliance, and a wide range of supported formats.
  • The LMS offers a self-registration function, the ability to send invitation emails, and the ability to import user data from CSV files or over the REST/SOAP API.
  • It enables you to organize learners into groups and establish various user roles to reflect users' actual company hierarchies in the LMS.
  • Additionally, it offers thorough reporting on users' advancement.
  • Administrators can quickly schedule live training, workshops, and webinars using the Event Calendar offered by iSpring Learn.
  • Users have the option to use the services for web meetings, which can be organized and held within the training portal, thanks to its integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Only paying for those who are actively using iSpring Learn.
  • There isn't a marketplace for prepared educational materials on iSpring Learn.
  • It does not have a feature that can automatically tag content by scanning it for keywords.
  • Lack of eCommerce tools in the LMS.

TalentLMS 🔗

Free Tier AvailableEditor’s Choice
Source: TalentLMS
Source: TalentLMS
TalentLMS is a highly adaptable learning management system designed to produce a condensed, intuitive, straightforward, and hassle-free learning experience. It is an online e-platform that is always accessible, offers excellent scalability, and has plenty of power to spare.
Strong program development tools are provided that may be adapted to other e-learning systems.
Support crew responds really promptly, which makes work much simpler when problems are resolved right away.
  • Strong administration of course authoring, course branding, course catalog, course marketplace, and content friendliness are all features of TalentLMS.
  • It offers a good personalized homepage, reporting, branding, and fields that give consumers flexibility depending on their needs.
  • Customers can access personalized plans, user responsibilities that are defined, a mobile-friendly grading system, and training data.
  • The management of registrations, ILT support, online conferences, transcript displays, data import and export, testing, etc. are all excellent.
  • Exam engines, e-commerce, alerts, multi-organizational structures, training metrics, etc. are supported.
  • It is possible to put up learning programs and resources in a more systematic and reliable manner.
  • It is possible to exert more control over language variants.
  • The customer service section of TalentLMS requires significant improvement.

Moodle 🔗

Open SourceEditor’s Choice
Source: Moodle
Source: Moodle
Because it is open-source and supported by a large development community, localization is simple and it has a lot of configuration options.
Moodle is a well-known learning management system that was created to offer instructors, administrators, and clients with a single robust, secure, and integrated platform for creating personalized learning platforms for their clients.
It provides several dynamic learning opportunities at any time and anyplace. It can be used for learning as well as the teaching profession.
  • It provides a single platform for learning, the ability to create many courses, quick backups, and simple data administration.
  • Along with quick notification and alarms, it provides collaboration tools and plans, thorough reporting and logs, extensive reporting, and frequent security updates.
  • It can handle user obligations and permissions, include other resources, and have a site design and layout that are adjustable.
  • It has several progress tracking options, multimedia integration, outcomes & rubrics, and multilingual capacity.
  • It offers mass enrollments with support for open standards, a customized dashboard, peer and self-assessment, a secure authentication method, and other features.
  • At the beginning of learning, it has a challenging learning curve.
  • The interface, which has not undergone the same new version update as the other features, appears a little awkward.
  • It cannot permit the classification of educational programs into several categories.

SAP Litmos 🔗

Free TrialPaid
Source: SAP Litmos
Source: SAP Litmos
Litmos excels in managing resources, monitoring user progress, and producing performance feedback reports.
The well-known learning management system Litmos is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. Litmos LMS is primarily utilized for compliance, partner, customer, and employee training. With Litmos integrated into the system, it provides a number of distinctive characteristics that are crucial for businesses.
Both internal and external groups benefit from increased performance training. It improves the effectiveness of skill upgrading.
  • A module-based online course builder is available from Litmos. It uses content production tools that support a variety of file types.
  • It provides instructor-led training in a virtual setting, coupled with tests and quizzes to gauge retention of content.
  • It provides individualized learning routes, data, and dashboards for assessing performance and observing the effects of learning.
  • Litmos makes it simple to update each of your applications with messages and notifications, assisting in the development of E-Commerce.
  • Along with an accurate and insightful survey and feedback, it provides gamification and leader boards to encourage customers.
  • For a better user experience, Litmos must enhance the customizing section.
  • Customer satisfaction decreases as a result of the support team taking a lengthy time to handle the production issues.
  • More flexible reporting capabilities to provide an appropriate and satisfying response.

Edmodo 🔗

Free TrialPaidBeginner Friendly
Source: Edmodo
Source: Edmodo
The Edmodo team is committed to enhancing the learning abilities of all students, instructors, parents, and administrators. In order for learners to attain their maximum potential, it is helpful to connect them with people and consumers.
For teachers, administrators, and K–12 students, it is also the biggest learning community. It has the ability to keep learners interested throughout the learning process.
  • The consumer can activate a free administrator account, which speeds up the learning programs.
  • Each student receives a badge when they receive high marks on assessments.
  • It facilitates the creation of polls for students and builds a community network for improved communication and learning.
  • Customers can customize the app to their exact specifications, and Edmodo tracks their progress.
  • It allows online classroom discussion and gives parents, teachers, and students access to a network.
  • It ought to offer the parent a login feature that enables them to keep an eye on their kids.
  • By giving students, teachers, and others more flexibility in its customization area, it can make a lot of adjustments.
  • The ability to upload files should be improved, and it needs to display the most recent files available for upload from the library.


We discovered how the educational system is being impacted by online or digital learning. We also learned about how the capabilities, flexibility, scalability, and portability of the digital platform have altered how each person learns.
Users can now improve their skill set anytime they want, according to their convenience, thanks to LMS. We learned about many LMS types, their pricing details, the dashboard user interface, key features, and some drawbacks of each application.
Along with their official website, we looked at information about their clients, their dependability, deployment styles, supported browsers, and compatible devices. There are certain drawbacks despite the fact that it offers many advantages. Therefore, e-learning is a combination of both benefits and drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many LMS exist?
According to our estimations, there are more than 800 LMS suppliers competing in the market for learning platforms today (up from 600 we originally tracked in 2014)
What LMS is utilized by Google?
Google Classroom - is a cloud-based learning management system that is a part of Google Apps for Education. It is suitable for academic institutions only.
Google Classroom: Is it an LMS?
It can be considered a LMS for low scale usage and for smaller academic institutes.
What differentiates Google Classroom from Schoology?
Google Classroom does not offer a central location where all of the Edtech resources utilized in the classroom can be stored and accessed. But a more comprehensive LMS, such as Schoology Learning, gives districts and schools a centralized digital hub and a shared language with grade passback.
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