7 Best Marketing Tools For You

7 Best Marketing Tools For You

Published September 21, 2022
Priyansha Singh

Introduction to Marketing Tools

It might sound weird, but in today's modern time with the advancement in the technologies, businesses totally depend on marketing, the better the marketing the better is the growth and expansion of the business or company. Branding and creating awareness about the product and service is today’s business algorithm.
The life of a marketer is defined by promoting goods and services, generating leads, boosting sales, and enhancing brand image utilizing different marketing tools and tactics.
So are you looking for some amazing and best marketing tools to promote your business, company or organization? You have landed up to the right place.
Many of the tools we discovered have lifetime deals (LTD) listed on AppSumo and discounts on Product Hunt, so after reading this article, don’t forget to look out for discounts and deals.
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What is a marketing tool?

A marketing tool can be a method, plan, or piece of software used to advertise goods or services with the goal of increasing a company's sales.
From social media to e-mail marketing, there’s a tool for every need. Learn about these seven best tools for marketing, and find out how they help to spread the word on your business.

Top 7 latest marketing tools to look out:

  1. NeuronWriter
  1. Sniply
  1. Sociamonials
  1. Samdock
  1. useArtemis
  1. SmartWriter
  1. Certopus


Source: NeuronWriter
Source: NeuronWriter
Thinking of the best marketing tool for your articles to make them rank, we have the right choice.
SEO has more significance now than we can even fathom. The entire writing industry is governed by it. Writers of content are likely familiar with the challenge of producing articles that rank highly on Google! We have got the best tool for you.
NeuronWriter, a new tool on the market. It is a hybrid AI writer and SEO marketing  tool. You can quickly create optimized SEO content with the aid of this tool.
NeuronWriter will provide you with clear instructions on how to find the information you need by researching articles that are relevant to your area.
Tools offered by NeuronWriter: SEO optimization and AI writer, content analyses, copy writing editor, competition analysis, competition research, Google SERP and much more.

Pros of NeuroWriter:

  • Intuitive and strong AI text
  • Outstanding Content Analysis
  • Manual AI Content Quality Setting
  • Optimistic Road Map
  • Lifetime offer is affordable

Cons of NeuronWriter:

  • No warning related to credit consumption
  • No Readability Advice
  • No embed for YouTube videos
  • No plagiarism detection tool


Source: Sniply
Source: Sniply
Next in the list we have Sniply, which is a social media conversion tool. With the help of the straightforward tool Sniply, you can shorten links and add your own personalized message to any piece of material, giving you the chance to incorporate a call to action with each link you share.
Shortened URLs can enhance the content you publish, whether you have a character limit or just want to keep things looking tidy. This makes it the best marketing tool as well.  The URL shortener on Sniply creates customized shortened links for you to share.
Users may track results, exchange links, and monitor interaction with Sniply's link sharing and tracking analytics platform. Through content selection, modifications, data collection, custom code, and integrations, Sniply is intended to assist customers in increasing conversion.

Pros of Sniply:

  • Uses analytics, conversion pixels, and A/B testing technology to let users collect useful data.
  • Allows customers to customize their call-to-action and brand using customization tools.
  • Assists consumers in interacting with followers through numerous web calls-to-action.
  • Supports a wide-ranging API and connections to programs like Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Zapier, and others.

Cons of Sniply:

  • It does not work on all websites
  • More customization options for design & branding.
  • No free trials and demo
  • Monthly pricing structure confusing


Source: Sociamonials
Source: Sociamonials
When looking for a marketing tool to conduct sweepstakes across social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Google business or youtube, then Sociamonials is the right choice. It's the best social media marketing tool.
For companies looking to create and maintain a sizable social network and automate hundreds of tedious IT chores that would otherwise demand hours of attention each day, Sociamonials is a potent new social analytics solution.
The social media staff may now concentrate on more strategic responsibilities because of Sociomonials. The tool is perfect for small, mid-sized, and large businesses as well as public relations, marketing, and advertising agencies.
By streamlining the approval and syndication process, Sociamonials considerably lowers the risk, expense, and complexity of handling this highly effective medium. Sociamonials has a unique focus on integrating video into any social media program and making the output mobile device-friendly.

Pros of Sociamonial:

  • Social Publishing
  • Viral Social Media Campaigns
  • Content calendar
  • Syndicate User Generated Content
  • Offers powerful social media analytics tools

Cons of Sociamonial:

  • Has a slight learning curve’
  • Its slightly expensive

Samdock CRM

Source: Appsumo
Source: Appsumo
The simplest CRM (Client Relationship Management) marketing tool solution for small and medium sized sales teams is Samdock. It's one of the best marketing tools to create awareness about your business.
Using a simple CRM platform can help you speed up customer interactions by bringing order, transparency, and improved workflows. Structure, transparency, and effective processes in your customer activities can help you save a lot of time in the challenging work of managing customers.
Samdock radically simplifies CRM, Sales, and Customer Management without overstuffing the system with features you'll never use. Samdock's constrained feature set frees you up to focus on what you do best: selling.

Pros of Samdock:

  • Simple to understand the different phases at which your leads and deals are.
  • Full contact management with the option to create custom fields.
  • Emails can be recorded.
  • Beautiful and Modern UI (User interface)

Cons of Samdock:

  • No Google Contacts sync
  • No Invoice Ninja integrations
  • No mobile-app
  • Only 4 currencies available (USD, EU, GBP, CHF)


Source: useArtemis
Source: useArtemis
One of the best marketing tools to find email addresses, phone numbers, and business profiles from 30M+ companies. UseArtemis to speed up your outreach efforts; it is the quickest method for sales and communication professionals to precisely locate B2B contact information.
With useArtemis, you can quickly find any contact information while saving time.
All information presented is obtained legally and officially. Use filters to find contact information, including company, job, name, location, and more.

Pros of useArtemis:

  • 360° Coverage on a Global Scale
  • 30M+ Organizations Indexed
  • Uncompromising Accuracy
  • Global Compliance
  • Find your prospects’ phone numbers & email via Chrome extension.

Cons of useArtemis:

  • API (Application programming interfaces) calls not available.
  • A lot of modest UI changes, such as progress or IP messages, are required.
  • CSV Exporting is bad. Initial and last names must be distinct, and the first letter of the firm name must also be capitalized.


Source: Product Hunt
Source: Product Hunt
One of the best and trusted email marketing tools is SmartWriter.
SmartWriter is undoubtedly a useful tool for web content marketing because it enables you to create high-quality, expert material online from your computer.
You are prepared for success because it is automated and includes templates. You'll feel comfortable if you have experience in the marketing industry. In contrast to other programs that leave it up to you to find out how to configure it, the instructions are simple to follow and understand for beginners.

Pros of SmartWriter:

  • Support extra features like optimizing your landing page for sales and e-Commerce product descriptions.
  • Hyper-personalized messages at scale can be sent without the requirement for extensive market research.
  • Locate the confirmed email addresses of any decision-makers.
  • Best in class personalized opener lines / icebreaker lines writer.
  • By submitting a CSV file, you can create personalized messages in bulk.
  • Locate the confirmed email addresses of any decision-makers.

Cons of SmartWriter:

  • Credit-based pricing is complicated.
  • Email Scrapping is not as effective as other tools like Clearbit, Snov, etc.

Certopus- Great tool for Marketing through digital credentials 🔗

Source: Certopus
Source: Certopus
Ever wondered how digital credentials, certificates or badges can help in marketing and brand awareness?  We have got the answer for you.
Certopus which is  a simple web tool that can help you manage and create certificates. The user-friendly design makes for a smooth and simple experience for you.
Certopus offers every feature needed for designing, issuing, storing, verifying, white-labelling (CNAME) and sending certificates. Not merely a visual editor with templates, this tool really solves the entire digital credential issuance pipeline and fetch you the best marketing value from it.
At Certopus, providing certificates for events, webinars and universities, have seen a lot of businesses and companies that are occupied in events and business as a part of their marketing, and the changes are clearly visible.
The best feature which Certopus provides for marketing is its white-labeling in digital credentials. It helps companies in building brand value and awareness. Organizations also use it as talent retention mechanism as well as marketing tool.
Branding is given utmost attention for digital credentials so you get the best marketing value compared to other digital credentials platform.
Digital credentials is the best method to attract new employees or students to the university, and engage the existing employees. Marketing is essential for raising awareness and increasing revenue in every industry.
Digital badges are easy to view and distribute, and they perfectly complement your current branding and marketing.

Pros of Certopus:

  • With this very user-friendly tool, you can make beautiful certificate designs fast and effortlessly.
  • includes tracking and white-labeling for marketing and branding.
  • The industry's most cost-effective solution for digital credentials.

Cons of Certopus:

  • Currently there is no support for digital badges but the team has made commitment to provide unlimited digital badges in every subscription tiers very soon.


With the right and the best marketing tools, you can establish your business and create a branding network. We have provided the best marketing tools for you to use for social media platforms, google searches, emails and even for digital credentials. In our team's opinion Certopus is the best marketing tool which you can use to create your brand and promote it with the help of the digital credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Why are marketing tools important?
You may perform a number of important objectives with the use of marketing tools, including boosting brand recognition, ensuring lead creation, and acquiring insightful client information.
What is the marketing tool for digital credentials?
Certopus, which is a digital credential platform is the best marketing tool and the right choice to promote  your business, organization, academy or university.
What are the types of marketing tools?
The following are the different types of marketing tools used:
  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  1. Online Advertising.
  1. Social Media.
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want to find out more?

Schedule a demo to learn more about Certopus for business, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We would be delighted to assist you. Finally, if you're on social media, follow us to remain informed about our latest developments and to learn more about digital certificates.
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