Best Accredible alternatives to be considered in 2022

Best Accredible alternatives to be considered in 2022

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Published July 29, 2022
Unnati Singh


Looking for Accredible alternatives? Examine a number of the best credentialing programs that provide comparable features at affordable costs. Choose the top Accredible rival that satisfies your particular business needs to empower your workforce. Here we have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Accredible, including Certopus, Sertifier, CertifyMe, NetCredential, and Give My Certificate.
Accredible logo
Accredible logo

Why Accredible Alternatives?

Accredible may still be regarded as the market leader in the field of digital credential management but the fact is several competitors now provide superior services at even more competitive & affordable pricing. Digital Credential Management Software is a widely used technology, and many people are seeking time saving, powerful software solutions with content library and dashboard. Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to Accredible include customer service and design.
To replace Accredible, an alternative solution must provide these essential features:
  • Digital certificates with rich in branding and designing capabilities.
  • Effective – Efficient certificate and participant management.
  • Methods of verification to ensure certificate authenticity.
  • Availability of social sharing options.

What Are the Best Accredible Alternatives ?

The top digital credential / certificate management solutions are listed here along with all the necessary information. You can then use this as a comprehensive guide to decide which Accredible alternative best suits your needs.
The Best Accredible Alternatives to try in 2022
The Best Accredible Alternatives to try in 2022
  1. Certopus
  1. Credly
  1. VirtualBadge
  1. TRUE Original
  1. Give My Certificate

Certopus 🔗

Free TrialFree Tier AvailableEditor’s Choice
Certopus - Digital Credentials Platform
Certopus - Digital Credentials Platform
One of the best digital certificates credentialing software is Certopus. Your certificates will seem quite professional in terms of design & branding using Certopus, which enables you to create high-quality vectorized certificates in pdf format hosted on unique URL. By producing certificates in mass and delivering them in a short amount of time, you can boost the efficiency of your business.
On the Certopus SaaS platform for certificate management, you can design, generate, deliver, and verify smart certificates in bulk. Certopus has the most robust & advanced verification process developed using bank level secure cryptographic algorithm HMAC-SHA256 and industry leading standard Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) to make your certificates highly secure and tamper resistant. You can even detect if someone has even altered a pixel on the certificate, no other digital credential platform provides such level of verifiability.
Certopus offers a variety of features to help you boost your branding and marketing, including the ability to white label emails and certificate hosting domain.
Certopus Pros:
  • You may quickly and easily create lovely certificate designs with this very user-friendly Certificate editor. You can use your templates or the comprehensive certificate library of readymade templates.
  • Certopus allows you to produce high-quality certifications in pdf format in large quantities. You must submit an Excel spreadsheet with the recipient's information to quickly generate certificates.
  • Certopus' mass mailing feature makes distributing certificates simple. You receive access to a mail editor where you can add your customized email content and set a delivery timetable for your certificates.
  • Has tracking and white-labeling features.
  • Most affordable digital certificate solution in the industry.
Certopus Cons:
  • The team is currently working on API and Integrations, which will be available soon.


Credly is also a big giant in digital credential industry which primarily focusses on solution for digital badges. Credly publishes online digital badges, gathers data about your workforce, and boosts profiles in your applications.
Credly Pros:
  • Credly offers product features and functionality to help organizations large and small meet their goals along with offering pre-verified digital badges.
  • Credly has an entire team concentrated on customer's achievement that brings expert guidance, best practices, and ongoing pillar base to every implementation.
  • Credly is the network of options for organizations that need enterprise tools to scale global credentialing programs and that meet the most rigorous data standards as well as security.
Credly Cons:
  • There is no way to try out Credly, the only way is to contact their support team and get access, which might delay your credential issuance process.
  • There is no pricing details of Credly in public domain, it may charge less or more based on your demand and organization size, which shows a lack of a solid pricing.
  • Focusses mainly on digital badges, so if you want to issue digital certificates, you will probably getting lesser options.
  • Verification based on OpenBadge standard is quite ambiguous.

Free TrialPaid
VirtualBadge is significantly more adaptable, economical, and has numerous applications for various participants. Users of may easily generate and issue professional online credentials, build their online authority and presence, and gain real testimonials from their customers. is the best option for both casual users and businesses looking to distribute professional certifications and badges due to the pricing plan's flexibility. Pros:
  • puts special focus and emphasis on social media. The badges and certificates are designed accordingly to be shared across LinkedIn and other networks very conveniently.
  • Easy and convenient.
  • Has Zapier and API Integrations. Cons:
  • Trivial certificate verification process.

TRUE Original

PaidEditor’s Choice
TRUE Original
TRUE Original
TRUE Original was one of the most advanced and innovative digital credential tool we came across while researching for Accredible alternatives. It is worth a try if you want very fancy animated certificates with verifiability.
TRUE Original Pros:
  • Unique animated certificate support.
  • Blockchain based verification.
  • Clean user interface.
TRUE Original Cons:
  • Same as Credly, there is no way to try out TRUE Original, the only way is to contact their support team and get access, which might delay your credential issuance process.
  • Again, there is no pricing details of TRUE Original in public domain, it may charge less or more based on your demand and organization size, which shows a lack of a solid pricing.

Give My Certificate

Free Tier Available
Give My Certificate
Give My Certificate
Give My Certificate gives you some basic options for certificate campaigns,
Give My Certificate Pros:
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Has multiple sign up options.
Give My Certificate Cons:
  • Lacks the support for high-quality vectorized PDF certificates that almost all credential providers have.
  • Currently does not provide analytics and white labelling features.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Where does Accredible fail to meet the expectations?
Although Accredible is a complete digital certificate/badge solution, its starting subscription costs $960/year for 1000 recipients, which is much costlier than competitors and thus does not represent good value. You can use an alternative and save a significant amount of money.
Why Accredible is so expensive?
Accredible uses the Bitcoin blockchain, which is one of the busiest and most widely used crypto chains, so gas fees can become exorbitant, making credentials on Accredible prohibitively expensive. Certopus has extracted the hashing and immutability parts of blockchain and combined them with customized algorithms to provide even better verifiability at a fraction of the cost.
What is the best Accredible alternative?
Certopus seems to be a perfect alternative of Accredible, it has almost all functionalities and a unique verification system. You can save more than 90% in case you switch to Certopus from Accredible.

Do you want to find out more?

Schedule a demo to learn more about Certopus for business, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We would be delighted to assist you. Finally, if you're on social media, follow us to remain informed about our latest developments and to learn more about digital certificates.
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