Top 3 Accredible Alternatives in 2024

Top 3 Accredible Alternatives in 2024

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Published July 29, 2022
Raj Bheda


Are you looking for a digital credentials platform that doesn’t break your bank? If yes, you might have come across Accredible, which is one of the most popular digital credentials platforms in the market. Accredible offers a wide range of features for issuing and managing digital certificates and badges. But it also comes at a base price of $996/year for only 250 recipients. This doesn’t include desirable features like white labelling, learning pathways and more, which are charged extra.
If you think Accredible’s pricing is unjustifiable, you are not alone.
So to help you make an informed decision for issuing digital badges and certificates, we will be covering the best Accredible alternatives in 2024 in this blog. Here we will compare top Accredible alternatives in terms of features, security, support, customer reviews and pricing.
Accredible logo
Accredible logo

What Are the Top Accredible Alternatives ?

The top digital credential / certificate management solutions are listed here along with all the necessary information. You can then use this as a comprehensive guide to decide which Accredible alternative best suits your needs.
The Top Accredible alternatives to try in 2024:
  1. Certopus
  1. Credly
  1. Sertifier


Free TrialFree Tier AvailableEditor’s Choice
Certopus - Digital Credentials Platform
Certopus - Digital Credentials Platform
Certopus is one of the best alternative for Accredible as it outshine Accredible with it’s features, customer support and affordable pricing. Certopus is trusted by 1500+ reputed organizations across 82 countries for issuing and managing digital certificates and badges. Certopus is well known for it’s value for money pricing startegy and it’s wide feature set.
Certopus G2 Ratings: 4.9/5 stars


Credly is also a big giant in digital credential industry which primarily focusses on solution for digital badges. Credly lets you publish digital badges and gather data about your workforce. Credly doesn’t have much features but has greatest stability as it is in the industry since 2012. It is still trusted by multiple companies.
Credly G2 Ratings: 4.8/5 stars


Free TrialPaid
Sertifier is a digital credentialing platform that enables users to create, share, and monitor verifiable digital certificates and badges. Sertifier is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for credentialing needs. Sertifier is little more economical than Accredible.
Sertifier G2 Ratings: 4.7/5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Where does Accredible fail to meet the expectations?
Although Accredible is a complete digital certificate/badge solution, its starting subscription costs $960/year for 1000 recipients, which is much costlier than competitors and thus does not represent good value. You can use an alternative and save a significant amount of money.
Why Accredible is so expensive?
Accredible uses the Bitcoin blockchain, which is one of the busiest and most widely used crypto chains, so gas fees can become exorbitant, making credentials on Accredible prohibitively expensive. Certopus has extracted the hashing and immutability parts of blockchain and combined them with customized algorithms to provide even better verifiability at a fraction of the cost.
What is the best Accredible alternative?
Certopus seems to be a perfect alternative of Accredible, it has almost all functionalities and a unique verification system. You can save more than 90% in case you switch to Certopus from Accredible.

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