Growth Hacking using Digital Credentials

Growth Hacking using Digital Credentials

Growth Hacking
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Published December 23, 2022
Priyansha Singh


Growth hacking is a brand-new discipline that only focuses on growth and is built on a data-driven, experiment-based methodology. You’ve heard the term growth hacking used to describe the practice of using social media to grow your business.
But what is it and how do you implement it? This post will give you the secrets to growth hacking using digital credentials.
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What is Growth Hacking / Growth Hack?

A catch-all term for growth-only methods is "growth hacking." It is frequently applied to early-stage firms with tight budgets that require rapid expansion.
Growth hacking, often referred to as growth marketing, uses resource-efficient and affordable digital marketing strategies to expand and keep a user base that is engaged, sells items, and gets visibility.
Growth hacking is most frequently linked with start-ups and tiny firms, i.e., those enterprises that are short on funds but demand results right now. Maintaining the expansion and retention of an active user base is a scalable idea applicable to every online business.

Who is a growth hacker?

A growth hacker is a person who employs innovative, inexpensive tactics to assist organizations in attracting and retaining clients.
Growth hackers are sometimes referred to as growth marketers, however, they are not only marketers. Product managers, engineers, and other team members who work on a product or service can all be growth hackers.
The ideal growth hacker is skilled at prioritizing growth, identifying client acquisition channels, gauging success, and scaling growth.
  • They propose, order, and test cutting-edge growth tactics.
  • The growth hackers are primarily concerned with tactics for expanding the company.
  • They investigate and experiment to see what works.

Growth hacking v/s Digital marketing

Growth hacking v/s Digital marketing
Growth hacking v/s Digital marketing
Many people mistakenly believe that digital marketing and growth hacking is the same thing. There are however small yet significant changes.
When it comes to future growth potential, a growth hacker focuses, but marketers are frequently already swamped with day-to-day branding and marketing tasks. Growth hacking is similar to marketing in that its main goal is to attract more customers or persuade more people to utilize a specific good or service. While most marketing departments do not operate this way, growth hackers do.
A growth hacker works on the product because, among other things, he must focus on active client retention. Growth hacking typically combines marketing, optimization, and development expertise to execute automated marketing on a shoestring budget.

Benefits of growth hacking

Growth is the main goal of growth hacking. How is the growth? any type for any goal. Additionally, as long as you experience growth, it doesn't matter where or how you do it.
The benefits of growth Hacking are as follows:
  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Any business, group, or person can profit
  • Find fresh product and business ideas
  • Create superior products
  • Learn about data-driven strategies in your domain
  • Inexpensive and increases ROI
  • Discover growth loops
  • Find scalable marketing techniques
  • Analytics

Growth hacking strategies

Growth hacking may fall in the following thrust areas:
  • SEO - friendly content marketing
  • Gamification
  • Digital credentials campaigns (Yes, this topic is one which we will dive right in)

What are digital credentials?

The digital representation of any kind of record or accomplishment is referred to as a digital credential. By existing digitally, these credentials can be shared anywhere an image file goes- through email, in your resume document, on LinkedIn or Facebook, etc. Not only it motivates your students/clients/customers but also when showcased, it will work as a high converting lead magnet for your services.
Data-rich representations of information, abilities, or behaviors acquired via the learning program are known as digital credentials.
A digital credential can be anything from a driver's license or passport to concert tickets, an association membership card, a certificate of training completion, an employee of the month award, and a variety of other records and accomplishments.

The benefit of using Digital credentials in Growth Hacking

When talking about growth hacking and marketing it includes the use of resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow and retain an active user base, sell products and gain exposure.
Because they always have new features to take advantage of, social media in particular is an ideal environment for growth hacking. When a brand uses growth hacking, its audience may expand swiftly on the appropriate channels.
One of the best marketing tactics could be the use of digital credentials. As most companies use digital credentials (digital certificates and digital badges) in their companies to promote their branding and also the marketing of the product.
With the use of Digital credentials a growth hacking approach may be utilized not just to expand your business' income or attract people to your company or organization, but can also to help you swiftly grow your clientele.
With the in-budget and cost-effective digital credential software, one can have the growth hacking done at a low cost and it can be creative to help businesses acquire and retain customers.
A growth hacker with his mindset of data, creativity, and curiosity accomplishes the feet of growing a user base into the millions with the help of digital credentials
Example: If a company is organizing any event or webinar they can provide the participant the digital certificates which can in turn help them in promoting their company, with the help of logos and white labeling.
It would help in connecting with your user base, increasing the active user base and gain exposure for the company and organization.

Use case for Growth Hacking through digital credentials

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The company or organization can use digital credential platform, like Certopus, to run their digital credentials to promote their business and product.
Using Certopus you can design digital certificates and badges according requirements.
Finding out why your business grows is important, and you should seek ways to do so on purpose. Firstly, you need to create a product check and gather the data of people who are interested in your product and company and try to target that audience. This would help the company or organization to get your key buyer personas and can target growth marketing tactics accordingly.
White labeling is one of the most effective methods to promote your product and branding through digital credentials. It can help in growth hacking, and increase your users and clients.
Values for the specific industries could be added down with the use of digital credentials in growth hacking for the company.
When these issued digital credentials gets shared on social media sites, it would even help in the branding of the company, as more and more people would be interested in knowing about the business.

Certopus- An effective growth hacking digital credential software

Source: Certopus
Source: Certopus
Growth hacking could be effective if the growth hackers analyze and use the best digital credential software to promote the company and increase its branding value.
One of the best Digital credential software today is Certopus. Certopus is an all-in-one certificate management tool that can help you create, bulk produce, mass email, validate and track certificates, that too with simplicity and also aid in growth hacking with the usage of digital credentials.
It has an ability to white-label certificate page and dedicated verification portal to build brand value and fetch digital presence. Certopus helps in generating verifiable certificates, it can even detect even if a pixel on the certificate tampers with one of the most important features in terms of growth hacking is that it can track how much value is being created from certification campaigns.


Being creative, resourceful, and analytical with the sole purpose of growth is what growth hacking is all about.
Growth hacking as a marketing tactic uses analytics to determine the most effective approach to accomplish a company's aim and scenario to obtain the required traction.
Your business development must also incorporate growth hacking. Since the main objective of growth hacking is growth, you could find yourself optimizing for growth without considering the effects of other critical metrics like profitability or product-market fit.
With the use of digital credentials, one can develop their business on a really large scale at an easy and effective cost with the help of growth hacking.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What does SEO growth hacking mean?
SEO growth hacking is a type of digital marketing that helps companies improve their ranks in Google and other search engines. Growth hacking in SEO is typically used by businesses whose ranks in Google's SERPs become stuck or whose organic traffic stops increasing.
What is a digital growth hacker?
The whole sales funnel is examined by growth hackers in search of the most effective growth tactics. They discover (and occasionally invent) fresh strategies for attracting and keeping clients at a minimal cost. Growth hackers go above and beyond expectations while seeking new audiences may seem like marketing.
What is the goal of growth hacking?
Gaining as many users or customers while spending minimum is typically the aim of growth hacking tactics.

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